Back To You

so its my first semester and my second year here in UKM, as a Nuclear Sc. geek :p keep lying to myself how great my life've been when it's actually not. surrounded by typical depressions and insecurities really blew me up. i guess it's true that i have this **easily implodes** behaviour! (idk what's it called pardon my bad english) well no one reads this right? it just me right right so yeah who cares nyway. so few weeks past my lovely kitten died. i couldnt contained myself and cry the whole damn day even in classes! it's my first kitten who i slept and played with. it just so sad that i cant help but cry myself out lol. just the thought of you make me cried. i just hoping that u''ll die when i was there at home. so i can help burying u. or look at you for the last time. why babe? you're so healthy back then ;( come backkkkkkkk kitty ;( im heading back this thursday. and the thought of you running throughout the house, slept on my bed, bring those twigs inside and i'll scold you for bringing dead leaves in. im sorry, come backkkk pleaseeeee

i promiseee i'll never hit you or scold you. i'll never get annoyed by everything you do. as long as you come back ;))))
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