All Time Low

so today i took a 'nap' about 3 hours. and i felt horrible , ughhhhhh mimi why u sleep so much ah? what happen? you're not even study or pregnant or busy with some sorts of bussiness or something == yeah i've been cursing myself lately, likeeeee MIMI GET THE F UP AND STUDY U WANNA SLEEP WAIT TILL U DIE AH. because i know during my final weeks i'm gonna regret everything so bad. what should i do? where should i start? oh this questions pops out a lot. even it doesn't really matter. u only need to have a starting point woman! STARTTTTTTTT RIGHT NOW. 

Part of your Symphony

it's been a while since i was here.and i'm not really sure why am i here back after years,
i guess because i miss talking to myself with only my hands typing and my heart saying. so today i just got back from a camp that took my whole weekend! awh i feel awful, believe me this week gonna be worst. 
regarding the camp ; 
i love the part where i can actually escape from reality and back to trees and stars, meeting new people and creating new bonds. overall it was great, except for the fact that i only have 3 hours to sleep, and i can't take long shower Lol. Now since it's weekdays i have to fix my sleeping schedule gosh. 
my last post was on 2014/2015 i guess. i'm not sure and too lazy to check! regarding my 2017......
im getting LAZIERRRR, i procrastinate ALOTTT, and there's still no sign of me getting into the Dean's list. OHHHH I REMEMBER HOW POSTING HERE REALLY HELPS, suddenly i felt that strong vibe coming from nowhere. awhh now i know what to do when i'm feeling blue! i just make a vow that i'll update any progress regarding myself here! Adios
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